Frequently Asked Questions

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. HID lamps are typically used when high levels of light over large areas are required, and when energy efficiency and/or light intensity are desired. This type of lamp produces more light and uses less energy than a standard bulb. The quality of light emitted by HIDs is closer to that of natural daylight. Our HID underwater fish light systems are incredibly energy efficient. You can generally expect energy costs of under $4 per month to operate our system and our bulbs are rated to last years with regular nightly use. .

Our HID underwater light systems feature an exposed bulb which produces enough heat to prevent any barnacle or build up, unlike a covered bulb system which will require regular cleaning and removing of growth.

LED lights simply don’t produce enough heat to burn off the underwater growth. In a very short period of time you will need to remove an LED underwater fish light to clean off the marine growth. If you plan on using an LED underwater fish light in saltwater, you will find the buld covered by barnacles in a matter of weeks.

Our Lights are a true “Plug and Play” System. Your HID fishing lights system will be delivered with easy installation instructions, and our customer service line is always happy to help. All you need is a covered 110 volt GFCI outlet and somewhere to mount our box. Simply mount the box with the two included stainless steel screws, place the bulb and weight in the water and plug the unit in. It’s just that easy.

The HID underwater fishing light unit is designed to float, this maximizes the amount of light projected, and keeps it off the bottom. The weight can be attached to the marine grade cord with our supplied zip ties to hold the lamp in place below the surface. The weight can be adjusted on the cord by sliding it up or down. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend that you keep your HID fishing light at least 3′ to 4′ below the lowest tide to keep it away from boat traffic.

If you break a bulb or it burns out after our two year warranty, we offer replacement pre-sealed underwater HID bulbs with 50′ length marine grade cable for ours and many other types of HID underwater dock light systems.