Install Underwater Fish and Dock Lights in Minutes

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Underwater Fishing Lights in minutes!

Florida Fish Lights Installation

Our dock lights work beautifully in both salt and fresh water.

We offer a 2-Year plug to bulb warranty

Package Contents

  • Control box
  • GFCI plug
  • Lamp assembly
  • Weight(s)
  • Zip ties
  • Screws
  • Wire Clips

Proper Fish Light Installation Steps

  • Mount your control box in a well-ventilated area within 4 feet of your power source well above the water line using the hex head screws.
  • Once you have mounted the control box, use the included wire clips and screws to secure your cords to the mounting post.
  • After you have determined where you would like to submerge your lamp(s), attach the included weights and zip ties to the lamp cord. We recommend that the lamps remain a minimum of 3-4 feet below the surface at all times to help prevent accidental damage.  When attaching the weight, please be sure to leave a minimum of 3-4 inches between the weight and the lamp assembly to allow the light to move freely without the danger of impact with the weight.
  • Carefully submerge the weighted lamps in your desired location. Be sure to handle the weighted bulbs with care and DO NOT BANG THE LAMPS.  The lamps should be fully submerged in water at all times and should not be lit out of the water.
  • Only plug the unit into an approved GFCI covered outlet. Do not plug in your unit until the lamp(s) are submerged.

Congratulations!  You have successfully installed your Florida Fish Lights lamp(s).  The only thing left to do is wait for sunset and enjoy the show.

What to Expect

On the first few nights you will likely begin to see small bait fish congregate around the light, within the first week you will begin to see larger fish lurking in the shadows around the outskirts of the light chasing the bait.  This cycle repeats night over night, with more and more fish showing up.

175 Watt HID Underwater Light Kit (7,900 Lumens)

Our 175 Watt HID Underwater Light systems will light up your dock and attract fish beautifully.  This is a great entry level option for anyone who is interested in adding an accent light to their waterfront property.

250 Watt HID Underwater Light Kit (20,800 Lumens)

Our 250 Watt HID Underwater Light Systems are almost 3X the brightness of our entry level dock and fish light and are a brilliant green color.  These lights perform best when submerged approximately 4-7 feet below the surface and cast a beautiful color that really attracts fish!

400 Watt HID Underwater Light Kit (36,000 Lumens)

Our 400 Watt HID Underwater Light Systems are over 4X the brightness of our entry level light and are INCREDIBLY BRIGHT!  These lights cast a brilliant green color over a large area and we’ve seen the best results when submerged 5-9 feet below the surface.